Cocktail Club: August Supplemental

August is here and we have one whole month left of summer, and that is a reason to celebrate! This month’s box, as you may have noticed, is Paris themed which connects me to travel memories. You may still be longing for travel - I know I feel that way. I especially miss traveling to Europe and far-flung destinations.

The reason this box is Parisian themed is not only due to my longing for travel but also due to the phenomenal whiskey feature in this month’s box, Brenne Whisky! Brenne is the world’s first single malt aged exclusively in both new French Limousin Oak barrels and Cognac casks.

Founded by former ballerina turned whisky entrepreneur Allison Parc, Brenne was started with Allison's small life savings and a big dream to show terroir (a sense of place in the smell and taste) is possible when making great single malt whisky. She created Brenne from seed to spirit, with a third-generation Cognac maker at this family farm-distillery in the heart of Cognac, France.

When I first heard about Brenne, I was so intrigued: a French single malt, wow, what would that taste like, I thought to myself? Insert sounds of unicorns crying with joy and visions of magical rainbows dancing through the stars. No, really, it’s that good!

Not only am I excited to introduce you to this beautiful whisky, I am equally excited for you to meet Allison at our Meet The Maker event this month. Allison’s story is so unique and she is, well, she’s part unicorn, I am sure of it! This lady actually traveled around Manhattan on a City Bike selling her whisky in the beginning!

I have an affinity for Allison. Not only do we both love whisky, but I also was a ballerina at one time. I spent my younger years in NYC and I lived in Paris many, many years ago. While living in Paris I traveled extensively throughout France. I was keenly aware that I probably would not always live there so I made sure to soak up as much as I could. I went to as many wineries as I could and spent time in Cognac at the famous Remy Martin estate and learned a bit about Cognac. I adored living in Paris and traveling through France, and I learned so much in my year there. Every artisan I came across was so eager to spend time talking to me, often without us fully understanding each other’s words, but when it came to cheese, grapes, wine, and bread, I always understood. So sipping on Brenne takes me back to a wonderful time filled with new discoveries, wonderful warm people and a gorgeous country. I hope when you sip Brenne it will take you on a journey of your own. So turn on my August Playlist, pour the Brenne sample or one of this month’s cocktails and let it take you away…

And speaking of cocktails, I truly hope this month’s cocktail selection will help you have la vie en rose, a life seeing the world through rose colored glasses. The flavors I have put together are a direct representation of some of my favorite food, drink and scent memories of summer in France. Apricot trees in the Rhone valley, walking through Monet’s garden, seeing a painting come to life. Watching fields of sunflowers through the window from a train ride through the French countryside. The smell while walking through a sage garden standing in more sage herb than I had ever seen in my life! The smell of citrus trees on the riviera. And of course the vineyards, the wine, the grapes, the cognac, the aperitifs. This is the bouquet of inspiration for August's cocktails. And as a special treat, I have added some food pairings that I hope you will enjoy.

It’s hard to believe this is box number 6, and this will be our last warm weather box. I am beyond excited to usher in the fall season! Expect all new flavors beginning in September and, of course, the countdown to Halloween has already begun!

Thank you for your support!