Matching The Sticks

Delving into world of cigars, flavor profiles, terrior and the art of cigar and spirits pairing.

Recently my whiskey brother and fellow Uncle Nearest Brand Ambassador Jay Madison

have begun doing live broadcasts each Thursday called Must See Whiskey TV, it can be viewed on the Uncle Nearest Facebook page or our Youtube page called Pound The Rock. In these Thursday schedules we have been featuring a monthly cigar and whiskey pairing with Cigar Expert and National Ambassador, Cigar Mike.

Now, I've puffed on cigars in the past, but never really focused on the different flavor profiles, different bodies or how the origin of the components in the cigar affects the flavor. So this has been a really eye opening experience and rather enjoyable.

I am definitely still in the infancy of my training, but I have a trained palate for spirits, food and flavors so I hope I will be able to pick up this art pretty quickly.

So far I have learned how to light the cigar (or stick as it's referred to) properly, how to draw on it the correct way (that is the puffing) and how the flavor changes as you go from the initial draw to the middle and near the end of the cigar.

I am also learning about how the origin of the leaves, the filler, the wrappers, how they affect flavor as well.

Image courtesy of Cigar Aficionado

And mostly importantly for me, I am learning how to pair other flavors with the sticks I have been enjoying. So I am happy to share with you a new cocktail that I designed to pair with one of the sticks I was recently introduced to.

Roslyn Fog

The afternoon I created this cocktail, I began thinking back to a home my family owned in Roslyn Harbor NY. I was very young but I have vivid memories of watching fog floating over the grey glistening water in the harbor. This visual memory also has a scent memory of my Grandfather's scotch whisky, sweet honey, damp wood and peat. ⁣So that was the inspiration for this cocktail...

Roslyn Fog

1.5 oz Uncle Nearest 1856⁣ whiskey

2 Tbs smoked jasmine tea syrup ⁣

4 dashes Sailor's Tobacco Bitters ⁣

1 tsp cinnamon & orange tincture ⁣

Combine all ingredients & shake well.⁣

Strain into a cocktail glass then add 1/2 ounce of a peated whisk(e)y on top to float, one of my favorites is Balvenie Peat Week.⁣

Garnish with a grilled spiced orange & bourbon cherries.

The Stick⁣

90 Millas Habano Maduro⁣

This cigar is Ecuadorian in Connecticut and Habano wrappers; one representing Cuba and the other representing the United States.

From the makers, "As with our entire line of 90 Miles cigars, we continue to pay homage to this country for allowing us the freedom to obtain our goals in life. This newer line of cigars was inspired by the current diplomatic changes between the two nations. Such a renewed relationship brings hopes of freedom to the island the lies only 90 miles south of the U.S. Hopefully soon, Cubans on the island and the ones here in the states will unite without barriers."

My tasting notes: Earthy, oaky and peppery in the first third. Then comes the baking spices and sweetness, I get a bit of creamy coffee almost like a sweet cappuccino. ⁣

The middle is full of chocolate and cinnamon with some dry stone fruit scents. Then it ends with beautiful earthiness and warm soft pepper and more baking spices. Very yummy and a perfect match for this cocktail. ⁣

And there you have it, whether you choose to pair this #cocktail with the stick or not it is definitely full of complex flavors yet very easy to drink. Cheers and stay tuned for more #cigar and #whiskey pairings.